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Ok in the works
Soulless and Time...
Soulless will be done b4 Christmas and Time.. will be done when i get done with it
Soulless is my Comic Book that ive been working on for the past week i'll start inking when i feel that ive got a good enuff storyline  as of march 27 2008 there are 17 pages of storyline every night i put a little more to paper.
Ok Soulless story line so far
Shaden Rook killed himself to get away from the pain of life.He meets up with 2 of his friends that were killed by a Train that hit thier car. thinking the worst was behind him. he was worng.

God had other plans giving him the Options of living as a Fallen Warrior or burning in hell forever.Being a Fallen Warrior he could Earn his rest but if he dies his soul goes  in hell.He picks Living over frying and is given the call sign Soulless One.

Will Shaden ever win his soul's rest or will he be killed and sent to hell anyway
Only Time will tell.. and you'll have to find out when im done >;)