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this is all about me playing softball. I play for Mt. Moriah Baptist Church im number 6 (lol yeah i know what yer thinking.. wheres the others haha)

here is our score board for the season so far

June 10th 2008

Mt.Moriah Baptist Church    4           Barfeild Baptist Church    18 (yeah ouch lol) we wernt really ready for them... yeah thats it.. ;) we did good but that this was our first game


June 12th 2008

Mt. Moriah Baptist 15             First Baptist Church of Ashland    16   (we are getting better) we did Great this time....we still lost but who cares we got jacks after the game thanks mommy :) YAY for cheeseburgers lol but on a real note here we all got to play and we kept them on the run i made it to 2nd base this time and we were fired up 2 of our players got hurt but they said they were ok ...*wonders if we win a game if we go out to eat....* *snickers* ~*~PARTY!!!!!~*~ also prays for no game tomorrow (friday the 13th) hmmm lol we might win ...we already have bad luck