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Welcome to the Den!


This is my little spot on the web. Hope you enjoy your stay.



There is a new link for my friends to play with its called GH Score Board.. all of you who play Guitar Hero email me your scores on GH and i'll post them there so you guys can see who is better then who lol.. have fun Crimson@narmir.com

this is for all Guitar Hero Games  so if you dont have GH3  you can still join in :)


*note please do not lie to me on the scores and % and stuff  when you do that the only one your hurting is yourself.. this is to help make you do better not make yourself look good..... well that too but you get my point...

cheaters are fakers  fakers are losers  and losers are gay.... so are you gay?

so be a winner ... kick a loser today





This page was last updated on 06/12/08.